Laboratoire de Thermique, Energétique et Procédés/Université de Pau

The Laboratory of Thermal, Energetic and Processes “Laboratoire de Thermique, Énergétique et Procédés, LaTEP - EA 1932” is a research center granted by the Chemical Engineering School “Ecole Nationale Supérieure en Génie des Technologies Industrielles, ENSGTI” and the University of Pau, France. LaTEP is also a member of the Institute CARNOT ISIFoR (Institute for the sustainable engineering of fossil resource). It is headed by Director Professor Pierre CEZAC. 

LaTEP has over 26 researchers, lecturer-researchers, engineers/technicians and hosts about 20 non permanent staff (PhD students and post-doctoral fellows). In 2010, LaTEP was ranked (A) by the Agence d’Évaluation de la Recherche et de l’Enseignement Supérieur (AERES) a sign of recognition for the quality of its research work.  

The competences of LaTEP are gathered into 4 main themes: Thermodynamics of multiphase reactive systems, processes and energetic systems; Multiphase transfers (mass and heat); Process intensification; Transport and reactions in porous media. Multidisciplinary research conducted at LaTEP focuses on the understanding and the implementation of the diverse process operations in these themes combining experimental, modelling and numerical approaches. 

In Ecometals project, LaTEP brings its scientific and technical expertise in characterization of reactive systems (experimental and modelling) and its expertise in electrolytic systems modelling (e.g. bioleaching). 

Work packages

  • Work package 2: LaTEP will contribute to: (i) Study and understand the reactional mechanism of chalcopyrite dissolution (Task 2.2), (ii) The development and optimization of Cu concentrate bioleaching (Task 2.3), (iii) The development of innovative bioleaching processes (Task 2.5), (iv) The definition and implementation of a global methodology for the monitoring of WP2 experiments (Task 2.6). 

Université de Pau
Laboratoire de Thermique, Énergétique et Procédés (LaTEP)
Bâtiment d’Alembert - Rue Jules Ferry BP 7511
64075 Pau

Director Professor Pierre Cezac

+33 5 59 40 78 30

Dr. Akrama Mahmoud

+33 5 59 40 78 15

Helmholtz-Institut Freiberg für Ressourcentechnologie

Halsbrücker Str. 34
09599 Freiberg, Germany

BRGM - Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières

avenue Claude Guillemin, BP 36009
45060 Orléans Cedex 2, France

EcoMetals is a transnational research project aiming at the development of innovative biohydrometallurgical processes for the extraction of copper and other (associated) metals from coppershale.. The project receives funding from the French ANR (L’Agence nationale de la recherche) and the German Ministry of Education and Research BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung) under the reference number 033RF001.

In total, 17 partners from science and industry collaborate in this project. Start of the project was in February 2014 and it will run until June 2017. 

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