The scope of the UVR-FIA GmbH is the development, planning, consulting and supply of services of all kinds in the fields of environmental engineering, processing, recycling, refining and processing of raw materials, auxiliary and construction materials and to industrial processes, this including applied research methods. The UVR-FIA GmbH was found as a follow-up facility of the former Research Institute of Mineral Processing, founded in 1954. This former institute was the leading center in the field of the processing of primary and secondary raw materials in the GDR.

For the experimental work, there is a wide variety of machinery available for comminuting, classification, gravity separation, magnetic separation and sorting by interfacial properties in lab scale as well as in technical scale. In our laboratories, we have facilities for characterizing material by chemical analyses, X-ray diffraction (XRD) for mineral phase analysis, laser diffractometry for particle size analysis, measurement technology for chemical elements (AAS), the determination of density (BET), porosimetry etc.

There are already special experiences of processing the Kupferschiefer of the Mansfeld mining region. Furthermore, there is knowledge gained over the work of many years in the field of recovering valuable metallic components of blast furnace slag (amongst others, slag from Mansfeld). A long-standing cooperation with the former state combine Mansfeld, the work on the project “An Integrated Process for Innovative Extraction of Metals from Kupferschiefer Mine Dumps" within the BMBF-funding initiative “r2 Innovative Technologies for Resource Efficiency”and thus, the associated familiarity with the setting of the present tasks form an important basic for cooperation in this project.

Work packages

  • Work package 1: Resources description and pre-treatment steps - Comminution of the raw material. Investigations on the thermal / chemical pre-treatment, hydrocyclone stage and flotation. Providing of samples for the project partners, WP1-leader.

  • Work package 4: Analyses, characterization of material and methodology development - Geochemical characterization of the processed ore minerals and characterization of process solutions.

  • Work package 5: Process integration and sustainability (environmental and economic) assessment - Life cycle and economic analysis, data collection from literature and work package 1.



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EcoMetals is a transnational research project aiming at the development of innovative biohydrometallurgical processes for the extraction of copper and other (associated) metals from coppershale.. The project receives funding from the French ANR (L’Agence nationale de la recherche) and the German Ministry of Education and Research BMBF (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung) under the reference number 033RF001.

In total, 17 partners from science and industry collaborate in this project. Start of the project was in February 2014 and it will run until June 2017. 

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